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CSU English Success
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English Placement Test (EPT)

In order to ensure that new students are ready to enroll in college-level English, the CSU has developed the English Placement Test (EPT). This test has been designed for high school seniors who have not met the EPT requirement by any other means. If you have not met this requirement, you must take the EPT test before you can register for classes at the CSU.

EPT Description

  • The EPT is not an admissions test. It is a test to determine who may enroll in college English courses required for graduation and who must take remedial English courses.
  • All CSU campuses offer the exam at various times throughout the year. You may take the EPT at whatever location is convenient, not just the campus you plan to attend.
  • You may take the EPT only once.
  • The EPT consists of a 45-minute essay and two half-hour multiple-choice sections.
  • You will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the examination, but allow at least 2½ hours for the testing process.
  • Detailed information on EPT testing procedures popup window icon is available online.

Preparing for the EPT

  • Make sure that you have to take the EPT by reading the EPT requirement page. Here you will find a list of all possible ways to meet the requirement.
  • Access the online test prep tools to begin preparing for the EPT.
  • Prepare seriously. The exam is your last chance to meet the EPT requirement.

EPT Examination Calendar

EPT Examination Calendar popup window icon - Detailed information on EPT schedules, locations, and registration procedures