2015 Results

Welcome to the CSU Early Assessment Program student report website.

By following the four-step process above, you can determine your math and English EAP status and get step-by-step advice for preparing for the CSU.

Before Proceeding, Read This!

CSU Mentor and the CSU Success Websites have combined services. If you already have a CSU Mentor account, please use your CSU Mentor username and password to log in.


Create an Account

If you need to create an account, please go first to www.CSUMentor.edu for account creation.

Once the account is created and you are logged in, take the EAP Check link at the bottom of the CSUMentor home page (see the image below) and you will be taken back to the EAP Check page.

screenshot of CSU Mentor with link back to this site magnified in left, bottom corner